[Xymon] Installing 4.3.12 Solaris make install error

Roland Soderstrom Rolands at logicaltech.com.au
Fri Jul 26 07:38:14 CEST 2013


Installed 4.3.12 on my Solaris 10 test server today.
Compiling was fine, same procedure as 4.3.10

I got a minor error though...
To run the client tasks on the server I add
        include /usr/local/xymon/client/etc/clientlaunch.cfg
to [xymonclient] in the servers tasks.cfg
If a use lower case include xymonlaunch crashes.
2013-07-26 15:27:37 Task xymonclient terminated by signal 6
If I change to upper case INCLUDE it works fine
And I have to drop the xymonlaunch test as it will stay red...

Keep up the awesome work Henrik and other developers.

-          Roland

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Thanks. Got it eventually.
Also just moved to 4.3.12
Was a little more complicated for me, because we were on 4.2.3.
4.2.3 was a tricksy version. It was a Xymon/Hobbit chimera, with some things moved to Xymon naming, and other stuff still on Hobbit.
But I got there in the end, and the downtime was minimal.
Now I think it's time to upgrade the clients.
We are still using 4.2.0 clients. :-)

On 26 July 2013 12:46, Novosielski, Ryan <novosirj at ca.rutgers.edu<mailto:novosirj at ca.rutgers.edu>> wrote:
You need to be using gmake if I'm not mistaken.

Incidentally, I built Xymon 4.3.12 today on both SPARC and x64 -- only the unresolved symbol allow_severity/deny_severity error like before (which I intended to rehash on the list).

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It looks like the make you're using is unable to understand the "ifeq" construct.  You could try a different make if you have one installed - presumably you have "gmake" if you have "gcc" installed, and if you don't have gcc then this makefile won't work for you (it has CC=gcc).

You could try commenting out the "ifeq" stuff and leave one or other of the "CFLAGS=" lines (depending on the version of gcc you have).  But chances are, a version of make that doesn't work here will fail at many other points in the build process.


On 26 July 2013 11:01, Vernon Everett <everett.vernon at gmail.com<mailto:everett.vernon at gmail.com>> wrote:
Hi all
Anybody seen this yet?
Any workaround?

# make install
make: Fatal error in reader: build/Makefile.SunOS, line 11: Unexpected end of line seen

# cat build/Makefile.SunOS
# Xymon compile-time settings for SunOS / Solaris


# Solaris need this
NETLIBS = -lresolv -lsocket -lnsl

# Compile flags for normal build
CC = gcc
GCCVER := $(shell gcc -dumpversion|cut -d. -f1)
ifeq ($(GCCVER),4)
   CFLAGS = -g -O2 -Wall -Wno-unused -Wno-pointer-sign -D_REENTRANT $(LFSDEF) $(OSDEF)
   CFLAGS = -g -O2 -Wall -Wno-unused -D_REENTRANT $(LFSDEF) $(OSDEF)

# This guesswork doesnt work on a lot of systems.
# Better have a run-time issue that can easily be fixed with "crle"
# or by setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH, than a build-time problem.
#LDTYPE := $(shell ld -V 2>&1|head -1|cut -d' ' -f1)
#ifeq ($(LDTYPE),GNU)
#   RPATH=-Wl,--rpath,
#   RPATH=-Wl,-R

# Compile flags for debugging

# Mail program: This must support "CMD -s SUBJECT ADDRESS" to send out a mail with a subject
# Typically, this will be "mail" or "mailx"

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