[Xymon] Windows Client

Dugan, Darin D [ITSYS] dddugan at iastate.edu
Tue Jul 23 18:06:18 CEST 2013

I'm a fan of WinPSClient and would like to see that become more widely utilized. The chief drawback I have is no great way to run external scripts.

Been working a lot with PowerShell lately so I might dive in one of these days....


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On 22-07-2013 15:20, Neil Simmonds wrote:

> it appears that BBWin
> may not be fit for purpose in the near future. I've looked at MrBig 
> and WinPSClient but MrBig seems to have no one maintaining the code 
> and WinPSClient hasn't been changed in 2 ¼ years.
> Is anyone aware of any other options or has anyone considered perhaps 
> writing something? I'd look into it myself but I'm not a programmer so 
> although my VBScript and Shell script abilities are reasonable

If you are not too scared to delve into Powershell, then I would really like you to dig into the WinPSClient.

It does work - despite not having been changed for quite some time. The main problem with it appears to be that it is a bit ressource-consuming; Powershell is not the most effective scripting language.

But it is one that is supported on all current versions of Windows ... 
and it does provide you with hooks into all of the Microsoft monitoring interfaces. As I understand, getting data with Powershell is just as "easy" as doing it in C#.


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