[Xymon] Windows Client

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Tue Jul 23 17:04:00 CEST 2013

Hi there,

You can always try the checkwin agent. see:

When using the NSClient++ (nagios) agent, just be shure to use the
NSClient++ 0.3.9 version.

I didn't had the time to adapt this check to the NSclient++ 0.4.X version
but till now, checkwin is working on all our Windows server versions. (not
tested on Windows 8)



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I agree, BBWin is not ideal, but it is surprisingly resilient considering
it is alpha code and with all the changes in Windows...

One way would be to put up some funding - maybe someone is willing to put
in the work. I'd be happy to contribute (monetarily that is - I, too, am no
programmer). We have a big 'investment' in xymon and it would be great if
the windows side was strengthened.

BTW, I have been using BBWin 0.13 on both 2008R2 and 2012, a dozen systems
so far, for a month or two in production. I think there was a problem once
(on a system with *huge* logging) where we have to restart BBWin but
otherwise it has been stable. It just takes (at times considerable)
patience to work out the foibles.


*From:* Xymon on behalf of Neil Simmonds
*Sent:* Monday, 22 July 2013 10:50 PM
*To:* Phil Crooker; xymon at xymon.com
*Subject:* [Xymon] Windows Client

I know this has probably come up before but does anyone know if there is an
alternative Windows client to BBWin that actually works. I’ve got problems
with both 0.12 and 0.13 versions of the client.

0.12 doesn’t seem to work on Windows Server 2008 and 0.13 has a memory
leak. This issue has been recently raised on the BBWin sourceforge big list
and the reply was, 0.13 is mostly just a port from VS 2008 to VS2010. I
don't have the time to spend on improving it and to be honest it's probably
not worth spending the time. We really need a client developed on C# so
that it can take advantage of .NET's capabilities of hooking into the OS
much more cleanly.

I appreciate that this is open source software and as such I don’t expect
people to jump on it and fix it, however it appears that BBWin may not be
fit for purpose in the near future. I’ve looked at MrBig and WinPSClient
but MrBig seems to have no one maintaining the code and WinPSClient hasn’t
been changed in 2 ¼ years.

Is anyone aware of any other options or has anyone considered perhaps
writing something? I’d look into it myself but I’m not a programmer so
although my VBScript and Shell script abilities are reasonable I wouldn’t
really be comfortable attempting something like this even though I have
started to look at learning C#.

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