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Grrr why doesn't Reply reply to the list instead of the individual.

Thanks Darin - you probably have a superior email client. I sent a similar reply to yours.

You actually don't need the mixed quotes in this case as there are no spaces in the path.

<load value="cmd /c ..\ext\CheckHpRaid.cmd" timer="3h"/>
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FYI, in my experience you can generally specify a path relative to the BBWin bin folder as shown below. This is nice if you still have a mix of 32- and 64-bit systems, or have BBWin installed in different locations for some reason, etc.
<load value='cmd /c "..\ext\CheckHpRaid.cmd"' timer="3h"/>
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The path was incorrect when I went into debug mode for bbwin.exe

This is the correct:

<load value='cmd /c "C:\Program Files\BBWin\ext\CheckHpRaid.cmd"' timer="3h"/>

<load value='cmd /c "C:\Program Files (x86)\BBWin\ext\CheckHpRaid.cmd"' timer="3h"/>

Credits to Ray. Thank you


On Fri, Jul 19, 2013 at 3:20 PM, Gonzalez Peto < jkokino at gmail.com > wrote:

OK. This is the right url of 1.1.4


As I suspected the 2nd problem was actually a matter of capital vs small letter. The correct response from the cmd script from windows regarding the logical disks is "Ok" not "OK". So within this section

"REM Extract the status of each logical volume

REM -----------------------------------------"

I changed these to "Ok"

IF NOT "!_log_result!"=="Ok" SET _status=red

IF NOT "!_log_result!"=="Ok" SET _message="At least one logical volume is in a failure state."

SET _ministatus=green

IF NOT "!_log_result!"=="Ok" SET _ministatus=red

So, now remains point 1 as it will not load the cmd script. It is supposed to execute on a 5 min interval (for testing purposes).

I'll dig.

Please, if anyone can help, I would be grateful. Thank you

On Fri, Jul 19, 2013 at 2:58 PM, Gonzalez Peto < jkokino at gmail.com > wrote:

I forgot to add:

On the server side, I have xymon 4.2.3 and I just added 

"# raid" after the hostname entry I want to monitor in bb-hosts

On Fri, Jul 19, 2013 at 2:57 PM, Gonzalez Peto < jkokino at gmail.com > wrote:


I read many posts about raid, hp raid and etc.


This pages says CheckHpRaid 1.1.4:



When I open it, it is 1.1.3

I found 1.1.4 @  http://xymonton.org/ http://xymonton.org/  and works well however I dont know how to completely make it automatic

Few issues:

1. It seems that the cmd file will not be leaded automatically. If I execute it manually, then all is ok, and the xymon server

receives this info. Then it will not receive more automatically.

I placed the cmd file in C:\Program Files\BBWin\ext\

I also tried by placing the cmd file in the root folder

I edited the the BBWIN.cfg file

<load value="cmd /c C:\CheckHpRaid_1.1.4.cmd" timer="5m"/>


<load value="cmd /c CheckHpRaid_1.1.4.cmd" timer="5m"/>

I took cmd /c from the bbwin manual chm file which comes with 0.12 version

2. Second problem is that the logical disk is reported ok and all individual physical disk are ok, and yet I get color red for the logical disk. :)

I am still trying to figure the source code where the if cases and statuses are wrong?

And of course it says "At least one logical volume is in a failure state." 

Is anyone able to help? Specially the first question - point 1. The other one I think I will figure it out sooner or later.

Thank you

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