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Jeremy Laidman jlaidman at rebel-it.com.au
Thu Jul 18 06:36:01 CEST 2013

On 17 July 2013 23:38, Isaac W Traxler <traxler at lsu.edu> wrote:

> In the INFO web page for a host there is a field labeled Client S/W. Is
> this supposed to show the version of xymon client running on the host?

No, not usually.  The versioning is intended to be used for automated and
centralised updates to the Xymon client binaries, so that an administrator
can control which version of Xymon client code is running on each meachine.
 The automated update system is not enabled by default, and requires, among
other things, that the file $XYMONHOME/etc/xymonversion.cfg contain the
current client version number.  This file is usually updated by the
auto-update mechanism.  If you're not using this, then the file won't have
a version number and so there's nothing to display here.

More info on this is in the man page for clientupdate.  You can run
"clientupdate--level" (as the xymon user) to show the current version,
which is blank on my systems, because I haven't enabled the auto-update.

I don't know anyone who uses clientupdate for automating their client
binary updates.  Most modern OSes have a packaging system that provides a
superior feature set (roll-back capability, dependency checking) and these
should be used in preference.

If you want the client version to show in Xymon, you can run the following
periodically (eg in clientlaunch.cfg):

$XYMON --version > $XYMONHOME/etc/xymonversion.cfg

Alternatively what I do on my Xymon server (because I like to keep
everything centralised) is to add the following pseudo-file entry into
client-local.cfg, for each server I care about:

file:`( echo "client/xymonversion $MACHINE.$OSTYPE"; echo
"[clientversion]"; $XYMON --version ) | $XYMON $XYMSRV @ >/dev/null`

This creates a "supplemental" client messages that adds the [clientversion]
section to the existing client data sent in the regular client message.  If
I didn't add the "/xymonversion" in "client/xymonversion" then it would
completely replace the client data, and for some of the 5-minute poll
cycle, all of the other client data would disappear.  But by adding this
"/xymonversion" suffix, it becomes a supplemental client message.

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