[Xymon] New "host" seen but no details available?

Mills, David (IS) David.Mills at ngc.com
Tue Jul 16 23:40:47 CEST 2013

All --

I am experimenting with creating new server-side tests and so far, things are working well: my new hosts are appearing OK on the web page as well as in the "xymon "xymondboard" " output with correct status colors I'm sending.

However, when I click on the status icons for these objects, instead of seeing the extra message text I sent with the "status" command, I get a blank page except for the message "No such host".

Guilty Disclaimer: I am using bizzare host names which contain '/''s and ':'s

Here's an example of one such host and how I'm updating its status:

/home/xymon/server/bin/xymon x.x.x.x "status prodhome:/oratools.sharedFS green
               Filesystem              size              used           avail    capacity                          Mounted

       prodhome:/oratools        2,016.7 GB        1,406.4 GB        610.3 GB        70%        /net/prodhome/oratools

Clients Importing this FS:

So, the "prodhome:/oratools" is showing up just fine and status is updating just fine, but I don't see any of the extra message data on the following lines.


David Mills
Systems Administrator
Northrop Grumman
(512) 873-6665
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