[Xymon] problem with receiving bbwin data

Carl Inglis Carl.Inglis at rakon.com
Wed Jul 10 10:24:13 CEST 2013

I'm not a C++ programmer, but if I'm reading the code correctly then  the maxdata parameter is ignored in the eventlog scanning function (AgentMsgs::Run in msgs.cpp), and also in Session::Execute in EventLog.cpp

Note it's a big if, and I'd be happier if someone with C++ experience could give a more reliable assessment.



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From: Xymon [mailto:xymon-bounces at xymon.com] On Behalf Of Phil Crooker
Sent: 10 July 2013 07:24
To: xymon at xymon.com
Subject: [Xymon] problem with receiving bbwin data

I've been having difficulties setting up the bbwin client (ver 0.13 going to xymon 4.3.10 server) running on win7 sp1, 2008r2 and win2012 boxes in central mode. I've had zero response from the bbwin-help forum for this, so please bear with me.

For background: I can't get the bbwin client to stop sending all the logs, it ignores any maxdata parameters I use. Eg:


It sends everything anyway. If I use log:system:1024, the bbwin client throws an error that it can't find the system log file. It does find the file without the maxdata parameter.

This aside, I do need to get this working as I have to start monitoring 10 new windows servers and have to monitor the event logs, so I can't just stop sending them as has been suggested. Yes I could do some powershell scripts and send them via bbwincmd but the bbwin client is made for this task.....

So, looking at this from the other side, the xymon server appears to be resetting the session after about 22MB of data has been sent (I know, this is ludicrous, but it is windows). Nothing in the xymond logs (except for the occasional data flooding error ("1st line client", always)); on the client side it reports it can't send the data to the xymon server.

I've set the MAXMSG_* to quite silly levels:

# ipcs
------ Shared Memory Segments --------
key               shmid         owner      perms      bytes      nattch     status
0x01034be7 16908288   xymon      600        102400000  2
0x02034be7 16941057   xymon      600        102400000  2
0x03034be7 16973826   xymon      600        102400000  2
0x04034be7 17006595   xymon      600        102400000  2
0x05034be7 17039364   xymon      600        262144     1
0x06034be7 17072133   xymon      600        32768      1
0x07034be7 17104902   xymon      600        102400000  2
0x08034be7 17137671   xymon      600        102400000  2
0x09034be7 17170440   xymon      600        131072     1

Anything up to and including this size has no effect on the problem.

Looking at the tcpdump stream, the bbwin client sends data normally with regular ACKs from xymond till around that 22MB mark then xymond responds with a FIN packet, then with RST packets and the session shuts down. Nothing in the packets themselves indicate what the problem is.

If anyone can help with this, please, it would be great.

thanks, Phil

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