[Xymon] problem with ext script

Jeremy Laidman jlaidman at rebel-it.com.au
Mon Jul 8 14:52:05 CEST 2013

On Monday, 8 July 2013, Root, Paul T wrote:

>  Why not just send the output to the server with the xymon command?
Yeah, I like this idea.  The command can be sent as a supplementary client
command like so:

*/5 * * * * ~xymon/client/bin/xymoncmd sh -c '{ echo client/dmraid
$MACHINE; echo "[dmraid]"; /sbin/dmraid -r; } | $XYMON $XYMSRV @'

Then a script on the Xymon server can pull the dmraid output from the
client data like so:

DMRAID=`$XYMON $XYMSRV "clientlog name.of.host section=dmraid"`

This strategy means that all of the heavy lifting is done on the Xymon
server, and the client needs only a fairly simple one-liner in a crontab.
 Improvements to the script need only be applied to the Xymon server,
instead of having to perform updates to (for some of us) dozens or more

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