[Xymon] Ports not sending emails

Don Kuhlman Don.Kuhlman at schawk.com
Sun Jul 7 22:09:24 CEST 2013

Hi Mike. Thanks for the reply.

Here's the analysis.cfg section for that server:

        PROC adclient
        PROC adbindd
        PROC nmbd
        PROC smbd
        PROC winbindd GROUP=INFRA
        PROC xinet GROUP=INFRA
        PROC java GROUP=INFRA
        PORT LOCAL=%[.:](8300) STATE=LISTEN
        PORT STATE=LISTEN LOCAL=%[.:](8500)
        PORT STATE=LISTEN LOCAL=%[.:](8600)
# 7/3/13 added new OMX ports 8301 8501 
        PORT STATE=LISTEN LOCAL=%[.:](8301)$
        PORT STATE=LISTEN LOCAL=%[.:](8501)$

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What does the analysis.cfg show for host ServerProd? Do you have any ports configured in that file for monitoring?

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On Jul 5, 2013, at 9:17 AM, "Don Kuhlman" <Don.Kuhlman at schawk.com> wrote:

> Hi folks. I'm having a brain freeze.
> I thought I had it setup to alert on ports not listening but not getting any emails.
> Here's may alerts.cfg snip:
> HOST=ServerProd SERVICE=conn,disk,memory,ports,procs TIME=W:0730:2059
> SCRIPT /usr/lib64/xymon/server/ext/html_mail.pl appsupport at yahoo.com REPEAT=30m DURATION>5 RECOVERED
> The port isnt' listening but not getting any emails.
> Thanks
> Don K
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