[Xymon] Client install gone wrong

Carl Inglis Carl.Inglis at rakon.com
Wed Dec 18 07:34:04 CET 2013

I think there may be confusion about the word "configure" - the configure script you mention below is the /build/ script. In a "normal" Xymon install you would build one server system and your other systems would be clients.

The terms "client-side" or "server-side" determine where the configuration for normal running is held. You are asked this while the build script is running, however as has been noted else-thread you can change this after installation.

Hope that helps with understanding.


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Thanks Tim,

Not making excuses, but I've only heard about xymon for a couple days, the documentation isn't very clear, so I apologize for any frustrating questions. Your explanation is pretty good... so let me understand this:

[root at vipservd xymon-4.3.12]# ls

build    configure         CREDITS   include   README.CLIENT  xymond

Changes  configure.client  debian    lib       RELEASENOTES   xymongen

client   configure.server  demotool  Makefile  rpm            xymonnet

common   COPYING           docs      README    web            xymonproxy

*         "configure" is this local? Or do you have to specify "./configure --server" or "./configure --client" or "./configure"

*         "configure.server" allows for client configurations as well as server configuration all on one machine

*         "configure.client" this does not work very well

I did "./configure --server" on two machines. I see now that I only needed it on one machine and one machine only. All I need to do is update hosts.cfg, alerts.cfg, etc...


David Diep
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