[Xymon] Client install gone wrong

Novosielski, Ryan novosirj at ca.rutgers.edu
Wed Dec 18 00:10:39 CET 2013

You are still confused.

There is the server build, you only need one. Then there are two client builds. Our theory is the only client that builds is server side. You do NOT need to run a server on every client.

Might be time to RTFM, where it's explained pretty well (or at least made sense to me).

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Subject: RE: [Xymon] Client install gone wrong

I configured it as a server, I wanted to try the “client side config”, but I just didn’t have any time today.

Maybe I’ll give it a try on another machine when I came up for air.

David Diep

From: Novosielski, Ryan [mailto:novosirj at ca.rutgers.edu]
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Did you configure it as a server or did you turn off "client side config"?

From: Diep, David (OCTO-Contractor) [mailto:David.Diep at dc.gov]
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To: Jeremy Laidman <jlaidman at rebel-it.com.au>; Novosielski, Ryan
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Subject: RE: [Xymon] Client install gone wrong

I’m not sure if that’s what I did, but I configured my second machine as a server. I then went to the first machine and changed the hosts.cfg and added both machines there.

It looks good… I can see both machines.  Good start… I’ll start playing with the other functions now.

Thanks for all your help!

David Diep

From: Jeremy Laidman [mailto:jlaidman at rebel-it.com.au]
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To: Novosielski, Ryan
Cc: Diep, David (OCTO-Contractor); xymon at xymon.com
Subject: Re: [Xymon] Client install gone wrong

On 18 December 2013 01:12, Novosielski, Ryan <novosirj at ca.rutgers.edu<mailto:novosirj at ca.rutgers.edu>> wrote:
This new way has been the default and preferred for some time. I don't think the client-side ought to be offered and broken, but I've heard it may be.

I think the only thing that is broken is the build process (makefiles, etc).  If you make a client with server-side configuration (central mode) and then install it, you can still change it over to client-side configuration, and vice versa.


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