[Xymon] File check question

Galen Johnson Galen.Johnson at sas.com
Fri Dec 13 23:10:57 CET 2013


I have a question about file tests.  The man pages say

FILE filename [color] [things to check] [TRACK]

I have a test defined as

FILE /tmp/ldap2pw.lck red NOEXIST MTIME>900

How does the "[things to check]" actually parse?  Is it an "and" or an
"or"?  In other words, would that read "the file exists AND hasn't been
modified for more than 15 minutes" or "the file exists OR hasn't been
modified for more than 15 minutes".  I'm assuming "and"...actually I
need it to be "and" in this case.  Or do I have to explicitly say
something like "NOEXIST and MTIME>900"?  I can't find anything about that.



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