[Xymon] Getting Xymon client to send from a specific IP address

Bill Arlofski waa-hobbitml at revpol.com
Fri Dec 13 19:52:42 CET 2013

On 12/13/13 11:06, Josh Luthman wrote:
> Could you do it with a route?  That is specify a preferred source to the
> destination IP.
> Josh Luthman

Hi Josh,  Thanks for that... But the IP addresses are in the same subnet.

I think I may have fixed it by adding the    conn=2ndIPAddress    to the
servers's line in the hosts file.

If I have some time, I will remove the line and see if the server shows up
again in the ghost clients page and I'll report back what I find.


Bill Arlofski
Reverse Polarity, LLC
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