[Xymon] any known bugs with acknowledge not "sticking"?

Betsy Schwartz betsy.schwartz at gmail.com
Fri Dec 6 18:59:48 CET 2013

We're running 4.3.10 on RHEL6 and I'm seeing for some local client test
that acks are not "sticking". I'll use the multiple alert ack and the note
at the bottom will say "next update in [4 minutes]" when I acked for four

Kinda frustrated today as I was paged very early on an issue that is
causing multiple alerts, and they keep going un-acked (they are NOT going
green in between or anything like that)

I'm absolutely sure that I'm hitting the "hours" tab, but xymon is acking
in minutes, for example just now:
1386352705      574386  4       574386  np_filename_not_used
db62.example.com.multipath yellow  SYSADMIN-9195 \nAcked by: betsys
1386352705      502203  4       502203  np_filename_not_used
db82.bo3.example.com.multipath red     SYSADMIN-9195 \nAcked by: betsys
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