[Xymon] network traffic monitoring

W.J.M. Nelis Wim.Nelis at nlr.nl
Fri Dec 6 10:20:43 CET 2013


> Does anyone have an easy installation guide for devmon on Ubuntu?  I 
> installed it and got the SNMP_Session perl stuff installed, but I'm not 
> adept enough at linux or perl to get devmon to start for some reason. 
>  It's got a start script prebuilt for RedHat but that doesn't work for me 
> and I don't know which paths to edit to make it work.  Even if I do get 
> it running it looks like I'll need some advanced configs with OID's that 
> I have no idea about.  Devmon was suggested by previous posts so I 
> thought I'd give it a shot.  MRTG seems way easier than this and doesn't 
> require OID's.  Should I just go back to that?

Included with Devmon is a rather large set of templates, one template for 
one type of device. Do you have them installed / available as well?

   Wim Nelis.


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