[Xymon] Different displays for "disabled" tests

Mills, David (IS) David.Mills at ngc.com
Tue Oct 30 23:30:05 CET 2012

All -

I have a situation where I have two Xymon servers (both 4.3.3 / Solaris 10) working off the same NFS-shared data. The only differences between the configs that I know about are the lines in xymonserver.cfg detailing the host names, and IP addresses. However, for any given host with disabled tests, one server displays  columns for that host which have been disabled as blue, but the other server completely omits the columns for that host which are disabled!

In case I'm not being clear, if I have server "XYMON_1" showing columns "xymond" and "iostat2" for host "racecar" as disabled, my other server ("XYMON_2") will simply show all columns except "xymond" and "iostat2" for host "racecar". The column headers won't appear for that host at all.

What causes this "dual" behavior?



David Mills
Systems Administrator
Northrop Grumman
david.mills at ngc.com

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