[Xymon] Customising message subject in email alerts

Andy Smith abs at shadymint.com
Thu Oct 18 10:34:10 CEST 2012


This has been talked about a few times before and I am aware that we have
the SCRIPT mechanism available for this purpose.  However, what I really
need to be able to do is annotate the subject line with the page where the
object is located.  The environment variables do not currently provide this
information and I have been playing a little with findhost.cgi to see if it
can be used within a script to extract the page.  This has not been
successful and anyway is flawed because the object may appear on multiple
pages.  I have even experimented with fetching hosts.cfg and parsing the
pages which kindof works, but there must surely be a better way?  Anyone
had similar problems or got any other suggestions?
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