[Xymon] Xymon 4.3.10 released - bugfixes and inode checks

Benjamin Boudoir benjamin.boudoir at eeple.fr
Tue Oct 16 16:35:28 CEST 2012

Le mardi 16 octobre 2012 14:55:44, Johan Sjöberg a écrit :
> Hi
> I wanted to upgrade the client on a Debian (Squeeze) machine, to get inode
> monitoring. I uninstalled the official xymon-client package, and installed
> the deb package from sourceforge. It seems like there is some problem with
> config files, or the parsing of them. I set the xymon servers setting
> during the packages installation, and this was correctly set in
> /etc/default/xymon-client, but when I started the client using the
> "/debian/xymon-client.init" from the source tarball (shouldn't this init
> script be included in the deb?), the client just tries to connect to
> itself. After manually setting the XYMSRV variable to and the
> XYMSERVRS variable to the correct servers, in /etc/xymon/xymonclient.cfg,
> the client is able to report to the servers. Shouldn't it be enough to
> just set the servers during install (or in /etc/default/xymon-client), or
> am I doing something wrong? Another thing that I was curious about is how
> the files in /var/run/xymon are generated, and what their purpose is.
> /Johan

This will not respond to you're actual problem, but if you're only interested 
in inode monitoring, you can make an external script. I made a simple client 
bash* script to do it (see attachment).

* column and sed are only used to make the output eye-candy

Benjamin Boudoir
meltyNetwork / Eeple
Administrateur Système
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