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Thu Oct 11 11:52:26 CEST 2012


I have a request for a change for future xymon releases.

First a little more info about our situation and the reason for the request.
We currently still are using xymon version 4.2.3.
This because we successfully made some adjustments to the source code of that version to allow two new columns to show for linux based servers (For windows machines this is already implemented). It concerns the Timediff and uptime columns, that we split from the cpu column.
The reason we made these adjustments (uptime) is because our virtual machines boot really fast and the conn test often doesn't detect any downtime. We then can capture this with the uptime column. (if uptime < 30min => alert)
The reason we wanted the timediff column separately is because some machines require correct times and seen that it is combined with the cpu column this could create confusion and doesn't provide an easy overview that we are used from xymon. (Each individual peace of info = separate column)

We are eager to upgrade to the latest xymon release but are unable to make the same adjustments because some functions changed within the source code. (We did try though)
We currently also don't have anybody employed who has the necessary indebt knowledge to make these kind of adjustments within the code.

I can provide some more info on the changes that we performed on version 4.2.3 if required.

Please let me know your thoughts.
Jef Jagers

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