[Xymon] web acks sometimes don't work

Dugan, Darin D [EIT] dddugan at iastate.edu
Tue Oct 9 16:16:05 CEST 2012

There was a bug related to acknowledgements not always working correctly at some point, but I don't recall the specific version.

I do know I haven't had problems since upgrading to 4.3.9.


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Subject: [Xymon] web acks sometimes don't work

We are experiencing problems with ack-ing failures.
Our devops acking problems and sometimes(without clear pattern) the ack isn't working and the alert mail is still sent(we are seeing V in web interface).
Sometimes it do work.

Xymon version is 4.3.7
Any ideas would be appreciated. Maybe this is a known problem?

Thanks in advance,
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