[Xymon] File monitor not working in Xymon - using file list generated by wildcard

Novosielski, Ryan novosirj at umdnj.edu
Fri Oct 5 07:33:14 CEST 2012

head -1 is probably a lot more standard (I've been encountering a lot of GNU scripts lately that have made me crazy).

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Perhaps if you set up your client-local.cfg entry like:

file:`find /Volumes/MySQL_Backups/ -name '*.sql' -mtime 0 2>/dev/null | sort -r | head --lines=1`

so that only the most recent file (by name) will be returned.

Larry Barber

On Thu, Oct 4, 2012 at 4:11 PM, Don Kuhlman <Don.Kuhlman at schawk.com<mailto:Don.Kuhlman at schawk.com>> wrote:
Hi folks. I've been trying to figure this out for a while and would appreciate any help.

I'm trying to monitor for a sql backup by watching for a set of files that are created every morning at 00:05 AM by a cron job on a server.
There are several files created each night the sql dump runs.
It creates them as filename_backup__yyyymmdd.sql
So each day there are new file names created (never the same name)
I want to alert if the file doesn't get created each day with the new name.

I have configured the client-local.cfg file as follows:
# dir:`find /Volumes/MySQL_Backups/ -name '*.sql' -mtime 0 2>/dev/null`
# file:/Volumes/MySQL_Backups/mysql_backup_20121004.sql
file:`find /Volumes/MySQL_Backups/ -name '*.sql' -mtime 0 2>/dev/null`

Analysis.cfg is as follows:
FILE %^.sql COLOR=red mtime<600
# FILE /Volumes/MySQL_Backups/mysql_backup_20121004.sql red mtime<600
# FILE /Volumes/MySQL_Backups/mysql_backup_20121004.sql COLOR=red mtime<600
# FILE /Volumes/MySQL_Backups/mysql_backup_20121004.sql red mtime>86400
# FILE /Volumes/MySQL_Backups/mysql_backup_20121004.sql red mtime<86400
# FILE /Volumes/MySQL_Backups/mysql_backup_20121004.sql red mtime>600
# FILE /Volumes/MySQL_Backups/mysql_backup_20121004.sql mtime>86400 noexist

Xymon generates this msg when I use the full filename – eg mysqlbackup20121004.sql in analysis.cfg
It doesn't work when I try to use a wildcard name (which I need because the filename will change each day) - eg FILE %^.sql

Example alert is below using full real filename:
Thu Oct 4 16:02:11 CDT 2012 - Files NOT ok

[http://srmxymon.ambrosi.com/xymon/gifs/red.gif] /Volumes/MySQL_Backups/mysql_backup_20121004.sql<http://srmxymon.ambrosi.com/xymon-cgi/svcstatus.sh?CLIENT=MYSQLSERVER01&SECTION=file:/Volumes/MySQL_Backups/mysql_backup_20121004.sql>
File was modified 57134 seconds ago - should be <600

[http://srmxymon.ambrosi.com/xymon/gifs/green.gif] /Volumes/MySQL_Backups/herbalife_backup_20121004.sql<http://srmxymon.ambrosi.com/xymon-cgi/svcstatus.sh?CLIENT=MYSQLSERVER01&SECTION=file:/Volumes/MySQL_Backups/herbalife_backup_20121004.sql>

Example below using %^.sql:

 Thu Oct  4 16:10:15 CDT 2012 - Files ok

[http://srmxymon.ambrosi.com/xymon/gifs/green.gif] /Volumes/MySQL_Backups/mysql_backup_20121004.sql<http://srmxymon.ambrosi.com/xymon-cgi/svcstatus.sh?CLIENT=MYSQLSERVER01&SECTION=file:/Volumes/MySQL_Backups/mysql_backup_20121004.sql>

[http://srmxymon.ambrosi.com/xymon/gifs/green.gif] /Volumes/MySQL_Backups/herbalife_backup_20121004.sql<http://srmxymon.ambrosi.com/xymon-cgi/svcstatus.sh?CLIENT=MYSQLSERVER01&SECTION=file:/Volumes/MySQL_Backups/herbalife_backup_20121004.sql>


Don K

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