[Xymon] how to merge allevent files ?

Andrey Chervonets a.chervonets at cominder.eu
Thu Oct 4 13:26:59 CEST 2012

Should not be a big problem.

The procedure is similar to version upgrade, when you install it into 
new home (take a look my post  18.04.2012)
For merge
1. make a list of all files you need to copy to new server
     a) jusr files that belong to exact server and metrics like rra, 
     b) entries in configuration files

2. Review all steps to add new host and metric at new server

3. Prepare new cfg:
     3.1 prepare copy of existing cfg files at new mon.server (cp ./etc  
     3.2 add 1.b entries into config files
     3.3. if plan migrate one by one - mark with comments records in 
hosts.cfg file

4. Copy history files
4.1. Automate (shell script + test it!!)  1.a files copying to new server
4.2. Test with one
4.3. and copy them all or one by one (I mean files for every monitored 
server or/and  metric)

5. Update cfg. files at moniting server with prepared copy (and 
uncomment entries in hosts.cfg file

6. Update monitoring server address at each client server with xymon 
client to send data to new server (or set to send to both for some time)

7. Disable servers monitoring at old server

8. Check all OK for some time

9. Update monitoring server address at each client server with xymon 
client to send data to new monitoring server only (if used to send to 
both for some time)

10. archive (tar + gz)  history and cfg files at old monitoring server 
and mark in calendar when to remove them at all.

Best regards,

Andrey Chervonets
CoMinder Ltd.
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> Subject: [Xymon] how to merge allevent files ?
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> Hi,
> we are migrating from two xymon server to only one .
> Every server monitors different servers, routers etc.
> The problem i think is: how to merge the allevent files ?
> Someone have encountered the same problem?
> Marco

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