[Xymon] State of DEPENDS/ROUTE

Ryan Novosielski novosirj at umdnj.edu
Mon Oct 1 18:17:41 CEST 2012

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Hi all,

- From the Xymon 4.3.10 manual:

- ---
    This tag allows you to define dependencies between tests. If
"testA" for the current host depends on "test1" for host "host1" and
test "test2" for "host2", this can be defined with


    When deciding the color to report for testA, if either host1/test1
failed or host2/test2 failed, if testA has failed also then the color
of testA will be "clear" instead of red or yellow.

    Since all tests are actually run before the dependencies are
evaluated, you can use any host/test in the dependency - regardless of
the actual sequence that the hosts are listed, or the tests run. It is
also valid to use tests from the same host that the dependency is for.
E.g.  foo # http://foo/ webmin depends=(webmin:foo/http)

    is valid; if both the http and the webmin tests fail, then webmin
will be reported as clear.

    Note: The "depends" tag is evaluated by xymonnet while running the
network tests. It can therefore only refer to other network tests that
are handled by the same server - there is currently no way to use the
e.g. the status of locally run tests (disk, cpu, msgs) or network
tests from other servers in a dependency definition. Such dependencies
are silently ignored.
- ---

Is there any chance we might see a change in this feature? I currently
am finding that most of the dependencies I'd want are actually based
on local tests... as in if I know a service is not running on a host,
I don't need to get paged about the service also being unreachable. It
would seem to me (not knowing the internals of Xymon) that the display
server has all of the information to make this work, but I guess it's
more of a coding effort than an impossibility?

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