[Xymon] Alerting on the existence of a file with wildcards

Michael Burger Mike.Burger at FreedomMortgage.com
Fri Dec 28 15:04:47 CET 2012

I've successfully tested monitoring for the appearance of a statically
defined file (i.e. no wildcards), and have been happy with the result.


I'm now tasked with trying to alarm on the appearance of file where only
part of the filename will be static, hence the need for wildcards.


I'm at the point where the presence of a file causes a green condition,
and the removal of that file causes a white condition.


The client-local.cfg is set up to look like this (the commented lines
are my various attempts to test/change the behavior):


file:`find /opt/WSCluster*/WebSphere/wp_profile | grep javacore | sort

#file:`find /opt/WSCluster*/WebSphere/wp_profile | grep javacore | sort
-r | head -n 1`

#file:`find /opt/WSCluster1/WebSphere/wp_profile | grep javacore | sort
-r | head -n 1`

#file:`find /opt/WSCluster2/WebSphere/wp_profile | grep javacore >
/dev/null | sort -r | head --lines=1`

#file:`find /opt/WSCluster3/WebSphere/wp_profile | grep javacore >
/dev/null | sort -r | head --lines=1`



The analysis.cfg is set up like so (again, commented lines are my
attempts to test/change the behavior):


        FILE /opt/WSCluster1/WebSphere/wp_profile/%javacore(^*.) yellow

#       FILE /opt/WSCluster(^*.)/WebSphere/wp_profile/javacore(^*.)
NOEXIST yellow

#       FILE /opt/WSCluster(^*.)/WebSphere/wp_profile/javacore(^*.)


I've put a test file out,
/opt/WSCluster1/WebSphere/wp_profile/javacore.mike1, and Xymon is
reporting green on the file's existence...which, of course, is not the
desired behavior.


My guess is that I'm completely bollixing the regex...any thoughts or
help would be appreciated.



Mike Burger

AIX Administrator


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