[Xymon] Custom Server Rules for analysis.cfg

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Hummm, that is interesting.  You define the host multiple times in hosts.cfg?  Is that a supported setup?

How does your main homepage look?

We have three sub pages, and one sub-sub page.  I assume under this setup, you would need more subpages splintering off the main home page for this to work.  Although it would be nice at a glance to see all of the server grouped by my various 'tags' as well as function.

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FWIW, I have a number of cases where I have hosts on multiple
(sub)pages. I don't use them for the analysis.cfg as much as for the
alerts.cfg, but in this way, I can have a page for team x's servers,
team y's servers, prod, non-prod, or all server.



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We have 50 or 60 servers configured across a number of pages in our
xymon instance.  Instead of having 60 host=hostname entries with generic
entries across all of the servers, I want to set up some
groups/tags/etc... that can be applied to a host.


So, I figured out I could do:


        #Defaults for all DELTS Servers

        PROC crond 1 -1 red "TEXT=crond : Task Scheduler"

        PROC ntpd 1 -1 yellow "TEXT=ntpd : Network Time Client"


To go across all of our servers on our subpages to apply these two proc


What I would like to do is get a bit more specific.  We have a mix of
physical machines, virtual machines, and linux machines, windows
machines, and production machines and development machines.


I'd like to be able to tag hosts somehow so I can do something like

Host 1 = Linux, Production, VM

Host 2 = Linux, Physical, Dev



PROC - ntp, cron



PROC - backup client



PROC - vmwaretools



nothing additional.



nothing additional


So for Host1 it will do the following PROC tests:

ntp, cron, backup client, vmwaretools


Whereas Host2 will only do:

ntp, cron


I understand that if I had hosts configured into like groups, or
subpages then I could target the whole works that way, but I currently
have my hosts configured in a way that this is not practical.
Essentially I have all hosts divided into 3 major groups, and then a
number of subgroups, and then the hosts are listed here based on
application cluster or function.  Basing it on groups or pages would
also require me to create a bunch of additional rules to account for
each of the situations above, whereas something like a tag that a host
could have multiple of would simplify things.


Can anyone provide any insight as to how I can achieve these goals?




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