[Xymon] DAT attachments?

F.Reenders at utwente.nl F.Reenders at utwente.nl
Thu Dec 13 09:50:02 CET 2012


I think this is the issue(from the man page of mailx on centos 6.3:

"Mailx  expects input text to be in Unix format, with lines sepa-
       rated by newline (^J, \n) characters only.  Non-Unix text  files
       that use carriage return (^M, \r) characters in addition will be
       treated as binary data; to send such files as text, strip  these
       characters e. g. by

              tr -d '\015' <input | mailx . . .

       or fix the tools that generate them."

There is a \r carriage return in the alert message. I noticed it before but got no reply on the list.
In previous mailx versions mailx did not convert it to binary data.


Frederik Reenders
University of Twente

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Recently noved our Xymon server from a vm running CentOS 5.8 to physical server running CentOS 6.3. Most things work correctly but I'm seeing some of the email alerts having .dat attachments. Anyone know why, and how to fix this?

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