[Xymon] Alerts based on rrd graphs

Mike Burger Mike.Burger at FreedomMortgage.com
Wed Dec 12 17:40:30 CET 2012

After digging through the old mailing list archives, I've got CPU
utilization (idle) alerting by adding this to the default section of my


        DS cpu vmstat.rrd:cpu_idl >=10 COLOR=green "TEXT=CPU Idle load
Normal at &V%"

        DS cpu vmstat.rrd:cpu_idl <10 COLOR=yellow "TEXT=CPU Idle load
High at &V%"

        DS cpu vmstat.rrd:cpu_idl <=5 COLOR=red "TEXT=CPU Idle load
Critical at &V%"


I then have, for one server where I want a yellow alert to go off for
less than 15% CPU idle, added to that host's entry in the analysis.cfg


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Anyone doing any alerting on graphed rrd data?  Just looking for some
sample of what you might be doing.



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