[Xymon] Completely turning off collection of data

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Tue Dec 11 21:26:24 CET 2012

There's no built in way to do something like this, since the architecture
of xymon is to shuttle all the raw data up the stream for processing
(and/or ignoring) by xymond and channel workers.

However, if you needed to do a one-off for a particularly odd box, edit
xymonclient-${os}.sh and comment out the relevant shell command.
Obviously, this means that that data won't be usable.

In trunk, and for the next major release, xymon will have a compression
option, which might alleviate some of your bandwidth concern, at the
expensive of minor cpu use (ps data compresses well).


> Is there a way to completely turn off the collection of a particular
> monitor on a client so that it doesn't send the data?    It looks like
> the client gathers all the information all the time, sends it to the
> server, and the server determines which data to display. If I'm trying
> to save bandwidth, can I tell the client to not gather procs data (which
> on my system is about 15k per message) and just not send it?
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