[Xymon] Ignore pattern help

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Drop the double quotes (I don't use them):

LOG /opt/netcool/omnibus/log/MNS_NFMS_GW.log Error: COLOR=red IGNORE=%Writer|Reader|SQL

If not that, is there another LOG rule that could be picking up the error and generating the page?
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I have this line in the analsys.cfg file:

        LOG /opt/netcool/omnibus/log/MNS_NFMS_GW.log Error: COLOR=red IGNORE="%Writer|Reader|SQL"

And when this line shows up:

12/11/12 06:37:07: Error: E-NGOBJSE-102-140: [ngobjserv]: ObjectServerA: No results have been returned in response to the cache details select SQL command. (0:No error)

We get paged.

I've changed the ignore pattern to "%Writer|%Reader|%SQL". This is a new error, that isn't an error for us.

Will that change work, or does anyone have a better pattern?


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