[Xymon] A couple of migration questions

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I do that to. Works pretty slick.

One thing we just ran into though was with bluesync. We'd get a feedback loop and the disabled tests wouldn't stay disabled.

We decided to upgrade to 4.3.10 and use the built in xymond_distribute.

Unfortunately, that didn't help. The same problem persisted. Then  I figured out that we should send to xymond not the proxy. That solved the problem.

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There's no problem with having xymonproxy and xymond running on the same machine, you just need to change the port that one of them listens on. It's usually easier to change xymond's port. I have run several servers with xymonproxy running "on top" of xymond, where the xymonproxy instance would forward to both another port on the machine it was running on (usually 1985) and to another machine that was running a backup instance of xymon or a test instance.

Larry Barber
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On 12/09/2012 06:53 PM, Jeremy Laidman wrote:
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> 1) Do the xymonnet machines listen on the Xymon port? They seem
> to, but I can't see any reason why they should. If they didn't,
> I'd configure the xymonnet machines to use the standard port 1984
> to give me less to do when going live.
> I agree, the xymonnet process should not be listening on any port.
> Only the xymond process listens on port 1984.
Well, tracked this one down! Most things have "NEEDS xymond" and at
one point I thought that mattered and didn't disable xymond. It's been
running for no reason on my setup apparently since the beginning.

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