[Xymon] Disabling systems results in xymond error status?

Mike Burger Mike.Burger at FreedomMortgage.com
Thu Dec 6 16:57:28 CET 2012

While looking at an answer for Tom Schmitt, I opted test by disabling
"ALL" on a couple of my own systems for a minute.


When the scheduled "disable" (i.e. maintenance mode) tasks ran, xymon
threw a yellow alarm for xymond with the following:


Latest error messages:

Ran scheduled task 2 from XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX: disable host1,my-domain,org.*

Disabled by: me @ ###.###.###.###

Reason: Testing


Ran scheduled task 1 from XXX.XXX.XXX.YYY: disable host2,my-domain,org.*

Disabled by: me @ ###.###.###.###

Reason: Testing


I'm trying to figure out:


a)      Is this the correct behavior? It seems to me that if you put a
system (or systems) into maintenance, an error state should not be
reported...especially on a scheduled task.

b)      Why is the error state showing up on the xymon server's xymond

c)       This may be more my preference than the majority. When the
systems come back from maintenance, if the various monitor statuses
haven't changed since the pre-maintenance period, wouldn't it be better
to have those status indicators reflect that the actual status is the
same as previously indicated (i.e. if disk, memory, msgs, ports, etc all
reflected normal for more than 24 hours...dark green if you're using the
LED theme, for example...my feeling is that unless there is actually an
alarm for those monitors, they should return to the previous state,
rather than a state indicating  a recent ( < 24hr) change.



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