[Xymon] TS - Maintenance Mode for a group of hosts?

d.tom.schmitt at L-3com.com d.tom.schmitt at L-3com.com
Thu Dec 6 15:50:55 CET 2012

I have a request to take an entire area of hosts and place setup a
maintenance window starting at a certain time and for say 3 hours.

Is there a script that I can send it a list and have it place all of the
devices in maintenance mode?


All corporate servers will require a window of 3 hours at 6pm tonight.

Also, is there any option on the HOST line that will not show up (like
an actual comment not the COMMENT: entry) that can be used to select
them from.

e.g.  the word 'CORP' in the options like that will normally be ignored
by Xymon?


I am running Xymon 4.3.0-0.beta2.


Also, is there a way to show the COMMENT or DESCRIPTION on the line like
it does in the non-green view under this release?




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