[Xymon] Comment on Flapping

Elizabeth Schwartz betsy.schwartz at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 17:56:11 CEST 2011

Interesting, thanks!

We haven't explored the critical systems view because there's a
perception that *all* our monitored systems are critical. With Big
Brother (which I'm hoping to turn off next week!) we've been going on
the model of trying to make all the alerts that have to wake soneone
up be red, and making ones that can wait not go over yellow. But it's
true that as we get bigger having all those ack'ed yellows around
muddies up the display.And now with the flapping feature,  I see what
you're saying.

I'm finding the critical hosts setup to be rather indimidating,
though. We've got roughly 250 hosts , 71  distinct *types* of host.
Some of them can be cloned as generic unix or generic linux or
whatever,  but most have at least one test specific to their business
function, There's an average of maybe ten tests per host, and some
hosts have tests that run on only one or two servers in a cluster.  Am
I understanding correctly that when you edit the critical systems
view, you're editing a group that applies to only one particular test?
That is, I have to create "production databases-disk" and "production
databases-ntp" as separate entities? (or maybe it should be "hosts
with sev1 disk" and "hosts with sev1 ntp"? Or is there a way to set
the rules for all tests on a production database?

Are people with hundreds of hosts using this feature? If so, any tips?
I suspect I'm misunderstanding how to set it up.


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