[Xymon] Newbie: some alerts not firing

Root, Paul Paul.Root at qwest.com
Thu Mar 24 14:47:17 CET 2011

Well first, if you are using wildcards in hostnames, you need a % before it.

HOST=%db* EXHOST=%*db*

Second, if you want to see what the alerts is supposed to do, use hobbitd_alert. Oh, wait, 4.3.0, I guess that would be xymond_alert to test. Should be found in ~/server/bin

 xymond_alert --test <hostname> <test>

I generally pipe that to grep -v Failed just to cut down on extraneous output. There are plenty of parameters for it, so read the man page. --duration is useful, etc.

Personally, I've moved away from wildcard hostnames. Sometimes it seems inconsistant to me.


Paul Root
Lead Internet Systems Eng
Qwest Network Services

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> Can anyone tell me why these alerts aren't firing? Running xymon 4.3.0
> on Oracle Linux.
> The services are alerting and the generic paging rules are sending
> alerts for them;
> these rules are supposed to email particular teams in addition.
> (am I wrong in thinking that more than one rule can match a
> particular alert?)
> HOST=db* EXHOST=*dl2* SERVICE=oradb,orasys,oradns
>         MAIL dba-support REPEAT=1d RECOVERED  # email dba's in
> addition to above
> HOST=redirect*  EXSERVICE=msgs
>         MAIL redirectteam at example.com REPEAT=1d RECOVERED
> If anyone wants to see the entire alerts.cfg I stuck it at
> http://pastebin.com/RWAqKnHQ
> (minus the comment lines at the top)
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