[Xymon] FW: Installing xymon

henrik at hswn.dk henrik at hswn.dk
Mon Mar 21 11:02:31 CET 2011

On Sun, 20 Mar 2011 21:01:28 -0700, "Moore, Charles"
<CMoore at corp.earthlink.com> wrote:

> I'm not seeing any errors because I have not got it to run yet.  I look
> the files called by the rewriterules in the httpd.conf file and none of
> files being referenced by a rewriterule is there?  I'm trying to figure
> where they are supposed to come from as they did not come as part of the
> 4.3.0 package.  I am talking about the bb.html, bb2.html and just about
> the others.

The RewriteRule's exist to support migrating from Big Brother or Hobbit
(i.e. Xymon prior to the 4.3.0 release) without breaking stuff - most
notably, people's bookmarks which point to the old-style "bb.html",
"bb2.html" and "bbnk.html" webpages which no longer exist.

A rule like this one:

RewriteRule ^/xymon/bb2.html /xymon/nongreen.html [R=permanent,L]

means that IF the user requests the bb2.html file, he will automatically
be redirected to the nongreen.html page (which will exist, when Xymon is


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