[Xymon] problem with xymond_client test

Henrik Størner henrik at hswn.dk
Tue Mar 15 07:42:17 CET 2011

Den 14-03-2011 23:44, Glenn Attwood skrev:
> Since upgrading to 4.3.0-RC1 and following with 4.3.0, there is a
> xymond_client test that is always showing red:
> "- Program Crashed
> Fatal signal caught!"

If it remains red, then it is continuosly crashing. You should see some 
entries in xymonlaunch.log about that task terminating with a signal, 
and then being restarted.

There should also be a core-file in $XYMONHOME/tmp

If possible I would very much like you to do as described in
http://www.xymon.com/xymon/help/known-issues.html#bugreport : Use the 
'gdb' tool to give me a traceback of what xymond_client was doing when 
it crashed. Quoting this page:

If one of the Xymon tools crashes and leaves a core-file (usually in the 
~xymon/server/tmp/ directory), please use the gdb tool to pinpoint where 
the crash occurred:

     * Login as the Xymon user
     * $ cd ~/server
       $ gdb bin/PROGRAMFILE tmp/COREFILE
       then at the gdb> prompt, execute the command
       gdb> bt


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