[Xymon] detecting acks

Henrik Størner henrik at hswn.dk
Tue Mar 8 22:33:47 CET 2011

Den 07-03-2011 19:53, Larry Barber skrev:
> I need a way to determine if the "level 1" ack, that is, the ack that is
> activated from the Critical Systems test pages, has been activated.
> There doesn't appear to be anything in xymondboard, at least, to tell
> you if a "level 1" ack has occurred. Anybody have any ideas?

There is, actually, but I can see it isn't documented in the 
"xymondboard" list of available fields.

There is an "acklist" field available. Try this:

$ xymon \
"xymondboard fields=hostname,testname,acklist host=foo test=disk"
foo|disk|1299619718:1299706118:1:henrik:Ack message text\n

The two numbers first are the Unix "epoch" timestamp for when the ack 
was done, and when it expires. The the "ack level", the user who sent 
the ack, and the text. In the text, newlines, tabs and pipe-chars show 
up as "\n", "\t" and "\p", respectively.

There are a couple more fields in the xymondboard data that haven't made 
it into the man-page. Will fix that.


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