[Xymon] Xymon mailing list now on a new server (but hopefully everything works!)

Josh Luthman josh at imaginenetworksllc.com
Tue Mar 8 22:12:19 CET 2011

Mutt to Thunderbird?  That has to be weird, especially after 25 years!!!

This list is primarily a more technologically advanced so I don't see many
(if any at all) of the auto reply things set up here.  There are other lists
where we had to change to what this list is now.  Nothing like getting 500
"I'm on vacation" emails rubbing in your face and filling your inbox =)

I would be one to complain if you were to switch away from what we have
now.  I think it should be left as is.

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On Tue, Mar 8, 2011 at 4:05 PM, Henrik Størner <henrik at hswn.dk> wrote:

> Hi Ralph,
>  I just realised that a couple of my recent replies to mailing list posts
>> went only to the originator and not to the mailing list.  Maybe this new
>> mailing list isn't adding a Reply-To header pointing to itself, or
>> something??
> That is correct. It is something that can be changed, and there has been a
> long discussion about whether mailing lists should mess with the reply-to
> header or not.
> My mail-program automatically recognizes that xymon at xymon.com is a mailing
> list, and presents me with a "Reply" (= reply to author) and "Reply to List"
> (= reply to the list address) button. So it isn't a problem for me. I think
> that has become much more common over the past few years. (For those who are
> curious, I recently switched from Mutt to Thunderbird - giving up on the
> text-only interface after some 25 years).
> If you don't have such a feature, the "reply to all" usually works.
> I won't say it has been set in stone and won't change, but I want some
> complaints before I change it.
> Regards,
> Henrik
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