[Xymon] Xymon mailing list now on a new server (but hopefully everything works!)

Henrik Størner henrik at hswn.dk
Tue Mar 8 22:05:40 CET 2011

Hi Ralph,

> I just realised that a couple of my recent replies to mailing list posts
> went only to the originator and not to the mailing list.  Maybe this new
> mailing list isn't adding a Reply-To header pointing to itself, or
> something??

That is correct. It is something that can be changed, and there has been 
a long discussion about whether mailing lists should mess with the 
reply-to header or not.

My mail-program automatically recognizes that xymon at xymon.com is a 
mailing list, and presents me with a "Reply" (= reply to author) and 
"Reply to List" (= reply to the list address) button. So it isn't a 
problem for me. I think that has become much more common over the past 
few years. (For those who are curious, I recently switched from Mutt to 
Thunderbird - giving up on the text-only interface after some 25 years).
If you don't have such a feature, the "reply to all" usually works.

I won't say it has been set in stone and won't change, but I want some 
complaints before I change it.


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