[Xymon] Limiting Access

bb at buglecreek.com bb at buglecreek.com
Fri Mar 4 17:35:13 CET 2011


We have been using BB for several years and are ready to upgrade
everything to a new monitoring system.  We would really like to use
Xymon.  We have several different groups that will need to use the
system in different ways.  

We were curious what solutions people may have come up with to limit
access to certain tests or hosts.  For instance, we have a group that
will simply monitor certain hosts and make judgments on who to call
based on status, these systems would be a subset of all the systems . 
They have no real technical knowledge and do not need to see all the
systems.  We may have a group of admins that need to see a certain set
of hosts, but not every host since they have no real technical
responsibility for certain systems.  Also, we have a lot of custom
scripts that monitor security related items (locked accounts, brute
force attempts etc), we would want only a certain group (security group)
to be able to access those tests.

Not being very familiar with Xymon yet, we were wondering if there was a
way to accomplish this.  If not natively in Xymon, maybe via Apache? 
Any suggestions on how to proceed?

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