[Xymon] [xymon] BBWin False positive - data on two lines

henrik at hswn.dk henrik at hswn.dk
Thu Mar 3 15:39:07 CET 2011

On Wed, 2 Mar 2011 10:47:18 -0500, Nick Camaldi
<willowbrookmagic at hotmail.com> wrote:
> This is happening more and more frequently anyone have a solution to
> another example:
> abcdef1:disk red [123456]
> red Wed Mar 02]10:08:16 2011 - Filesystems NOT ok
> 11782288 (11782288% used) has reached the PANIC level (95%)
> Filesystem     1K-block
>      Us]d       Avail    Capacity    Mounted      Summary(Total\Avail)
> C               20956792    9174504

This looks more like the client analysis problem that has been fixed in 
the 4.3.0 beta-3 (and RC-1 versions) - it was fixed back in October

I guess you are running 4.2.3 ? Upgrading to 4.3.0 (RC or the final
release when it ships) will fix it.

It is not limited to BBWin clients, by the way. In fact, it is triggered
by another host sending a very large client-data message before the BBWin 
data arrives.


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