[Xymon] Hobbit-trap won't display traps

Josephine Tsikoudaki jtsikoudaki at ontelecoms.com
Thu Mar 3 12:49:22 CET 2011

Hello all

I am having trouble receiving SNMP traps from my hosts using the
implementation of:


In details:

I followed the instructions in my hobbit server. We have several servers
and some dell DRAC consoles among them. When I enable the snmp alerts
through the DRAC and send a test alert  I receive the trap and the
"trap" column is created and the trap message appears.

When I send a test trap from a server (not a console) i see the trap
coming in my hobbit-server logs, both from snmptrapd and snmptt, but the
trap column never appears for this host, the trap is not being displayed
and i don't see anything in the snmpttunknown log or the ghost client
menu of Hobbit.

If it wasn't for the consoles I'd presumed that perhaps the trap.pl or
trap.sh scripts won't work correctly but given the successful results of
the method in the DRAC consoles I wonder what can possibly be wrong...

The servers that I run the tests from all have hobbit client installed
but I tried also from a server without the client installed, simply
sending a trap test to the  hobbit server. No results either.

I would appreciate any suggestions...

Thanks a lot

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