[Xymon] [xymon] BBWin False positive - data on two lines

Nick Camaldi willowbrookmagic at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 2 16:47:18 CET 2011

 This is happening more and more frequently anyone have a solution to this?
another example:
abcdef1:disk red [123456]
red Wed Mar 02]10:08:16 2011 - Filesystems NOT ok
11782288 (11782288% used) has reached the PANIC level (95%)

Filesystem     1K-block
     Us]d       Avail    Capacity    Mounted      Summary(Total\Avail)
C               20956792    9174504
  11782288    43%       /F]XED/C        19.100gb\11.24gb
D               52420060      68752   52351308     0%       /FIXED/D        49.10gb\49.94gb


From: willowbrookmagic at hotmail.com
To: xymon at xymon.com
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2011 11:02:20 -0500
Subject: [xymon] BBWin False positive - data on two lines

Hello everyone!
We are using BBWin_0.12  we have been recieving some false positives as it pertains to  data showing up a second line.  This may have to do with the unexpected CR\LF
we have seen this with disk and also svcs  here are some examples:
Disk Error:
Filesystem     1K-blocks     Used       Avail    Capacity    Mounted      Summary(Total\Avail)
C               71644780   35248592   36396188    49%       /FIXED/C        68.33gb\34.72gb
E              430023744   42237568  387786176     9%       /FIXED/E        410.10gb\369.84gb
F              114334528   15872192   98462336    13%       /FIXED/F  
G          ]   114334528     537728  113796800     0%       /FIXED/G        109.38gb\108.53gb
I               57167232    2588352   54578880     4%       /FIXED/I        54.53gb\52.51gb

SVCS Error:
Cisco_CallManager                   automatic    started        Cisco CallManager
Cisco_CTIManager                    automatic    started        Cisco CTIManager
Cisco_CTL_Provider                  automatic    started        Cisco CTL Provider
Cisco_DCD_Controller_Service        automatic    started        Cisco DCD Controller Service
Cisco_Extended_Functions            automatic    started        Cisco Extended Functions
Cisco_IP_Voice_Media_Streaming_App  automatic    started        Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App
Cisco_Messaging_Interface           automatic  
starte]        Cisco Messaging Interface
ansl]tor          automatic    started        Cisco MOH Audio Translator
Cisco_RIS_Data_Collector            automatic    started        Cisco RIS Data Collector
Cisco_Serviceability_Reporter       automatic    started        Cisco Serviceability Reporter
Cisco_Telephony_Call_Dispatcher     automatic    started        Cisco Telephony Call Dispatcher
Cisco_Tftp                          automatic    started        Cisco Tftp
CiscoTomcat                         automatic    started        Cisco Tomcat

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
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