[Xymon] [xymon] multiple graphs on one page

Mark Mulligan MMulligan at llbean.com
Tue Mar 1 16:29:50 CET 2011

Well we did find a way to do this 

You do it just like adding a regular custom graph but for the data you use the other server names.

Create a custom graph

Title MultiGraphs

Then in hobbitserver.cfg add the following

TEST2RRD section add the newgraph name exapmle1=ncv
GRAPHS section add the newgraph name example1

Then add a placebo rrd file where you want this graph to appear example1.rrd and this graph will show up under the trends column. 

We do this to compare app data on different servers on the same graph.  Using the metrics function with the multigraphs will also do this but you are unable to zoom in on that graph.  



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>I've been digging for a while and cannot find how I can put two graphs 
>on one page.  Kind of like the trends page.

There's a good reason you cannot find it - it's not possible.

The "trends" status is a special-case in the code. It is not possible to have multiple - different - graphs on one page.


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