[Xymon] Double combo's - returning -1 - xymon 4.3.3

David W Gore david.gore at one.verizon.com
Fri Jul 29 21:17:28 CEST 2011

Does anyone out there using double leveled combos, combos of combos that
work?  If so perhaps you could share an example from your config that
works?  Thanks in advance,

Here is the example from the man pages:

WebCluster.http = (Web1.http || Web2.http) 
AppSrvCluster.procs = (AppSrv1.conn && AppSrv1.procs) || (AppSrv2.conn &&
Customer.cluster = WebCluster.http && AppSrvCluster.procs 

The first line defines a new test, with hostname "WebCluster" and the
columnname "http". It will be green if the http test on either the "Web1" or
the "Web2" server is green.

The second line defines a "procs" test for the "AppSrvCluster" host. Each of
the AppSrv1 and AppSrv2 hosts is checked for "conn" (ping) and their "procs"
test. On each host, both of these must be green, but the combined test is
green if that condition is fulfilled on just one of the hosts.

The third line uses the two first tests to build a "double combined" test,
defining a test that shows the overall health of the system.

So in theory it should work?  For reference we are using Xymon 4.3.3 on
RedHat Linux Enterprise 5.7.


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Subject: [Xymon] Double combo's - returning -1 - xymon 4.3.3

Anyone using double combo messages?  I was following the man pages, which
state they are possible, but my tests calculate "-1" and the color comes out
Thu Jun 30 18:43:24 2011
(iam.db&&gam.db) = (-1&&-1) = 1
&unknown iam.db
&unknown gam.db
Sample config from combo.cfg.  I have changed hostnames to protect the
innocent...combos based on the values returned by dbcheck.pl...our DB's are
served on 4 node Oracle Grid clusters, which is why we have alias' for the
DB, such as servername_dbname.
Hostnames are defined in hosts.d as "         gam          # noconn
nonongreen noproppurple:*"  gam/iam/impact all defined the same in hosts.
iam.db = (servername\_iam.audit && servername\_iam.conn &&
servername\_iam.extent && servername\_iam.info && servername\_iam.invobj &&
servername\_iam.locks && servername\_iam.rollback && servername\_iam.session
&& servername\_iam.tblspace && servername\_iam.trends &&
gam.db = (servername\_gam.audit && servername\_gam.conn &&
servername\_gam.extent && servername\_gam.info && servername\_gam.invobj &&
servername\_gam.locks && servername\_gam.rollback && servername\_gam.session
&& servername\_gam.tblspace && servername\_gam.trends &&
These two above work fine.  They are single layer combo tests...All my
single layer combo tests work.
The double combo is this:
impact.db = (iam.db && gam.db) - same with our without parenthesys...if I
use single ampersand, color propogates up, but staus still shows &unknown.
We have tried multiple combinations taking the combo down to barest form,
and still get the errors (&unknown).
Log doesn't really help...
combostatus.log.1:21316 2011-06-30 03:58:03 Symbolic
'event.db&&gam.db&&iam.db&&jbpm.db' converted to '-1&&-1&&-1&&-1'
I put the --debug on the cmd in tasks, and not logging much else helpful.
Appreciate some thoughs or suggestions.
Rich Rager

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