[Xymon] Looking for "page too old" script

Tim McCloskey tm at freedom.com
Fri Jul 29 20:34:07 CEST 2011

If your system is setup to store the client data on the central server you can have something like the following in hobbit-clients.cfg.

HOST=somehost GROUP=optional-some-group
FILE /some/path/tofile.ext SIZE<55M and SIZE>0 red

Client-local can take a host name too -- I think....

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The page is set to expire immediately and usually the cache problems are the browser/client.  At least in my experience.

On hobbit-clients.cfg for the host (it has proc tests already) I added:

FILE   /var/www/foo/bar/output.png red mtime<1800 #go red if file older than 30 minutes

How do I get the client to send the details about this file?  From reading the man page I need to specify client-local.cfg but I am not sure what goes in this.  I'm pretty sure I want:


Do I put this under [linux]?  If I do this, will it only have the clients with an appropriate FILE check or ask this file of every linux box?

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On Fri, Jul 29, 2011 at 11:58 AM, Tim McCloskey <tm at freedom.com<mailto:tm at freedom.com>> wrote:
couple random thoughts:
Would HTTP cache control headers help in this regard?  You can poll a page via wget or some other mechanism and look at the page headers, that won't tell you if the image is old but if the page is regenerated on each image update it may work... If you have shell access to the server:/image.file you could test the mac times...  Or, toss in some logic to catch the bugz :)
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I have a tsch script that does some things, manipulates and image and such and posts it on a web site.  Occasionally, I have found a bug or two where the image stops updating.  I don't know this until it is too late.  Is there any sort of technique or custom script that will poll a website and see if something is to old?  I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to correctly indicate a problem and hoping there is something I can start from already.

Thanks in advance!

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