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On Tuesday 06 May 2008, Thangappandi, Arun (Ge Money, consultant) wrote:

> Can any one let me know the difference between the actual memory and

> physical memory which is being monitored by hobbit?


It depends on the OS. But the basic is: physical is the memory in the box.  

Actual is the memory in use by programs.


Total physical memory = program in physical memory + cache + free memory

Actual = program in memory + program in swap


Total physical memory will be 100% because the disk cache will consume all 

available memory.







Thank you! 

Paul Gallegos 



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On our Linux (5.1) hosts the memory page (Xymon 4.2.3) reports three values:
Actual, physical, and swap. What do the Actual and Physical numbers refer
to? The man page for hobbit-clients.cfg doesn't say.



Steve Holmes

Purdue University.

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