[Xymon] Upgrading xymon question

Root, Paul Paul.Root at qwest.com
Wed Jul 27 21:27:01 CEST 2011

I just used it for 4.3.3 (from 4.2.3). Worked fine. I went beyond it, and changed the names inside the tasks.cfg file. Haven't cleaned up environment variables yet though.

Works well.

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I'd like to upgrade Xymon from 4.3.0-0.beta2 (most of my files still have hobbit names, i.e. hobbitserver.cfg) to Xymon 4.3.3

I've read the upgrade to 4.3.0 text file, and my only question is, can I use the same steps and go to 4.3.3.  Basically, I'd just be using the ./build/upgrade430.sh script to do the renaming of the config files.  I'm guessing that will work for any 4.3.X after the 4.3.0-0.beta2 or previous versions, correct?


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