[Xymon] Critical Systems 'Hosts docs'-URL does not show correct URL

Peter Welter peter.welter at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 16:50:47 CEST 2011

Hello all,

After years of Xymon usage, I start to use the Critical Systems view. I have
setup a BBGENOPTS to use a docurl. I expect this URL to show up on the
Critical Systems view.

Either as the clickable host; either as the Host docs.

However, neither show the correct documentation.

In more detail:

   - I have tested this with 2 Xymon distributions: 4.2.3 and Xymon
   - So I have setup:

BBGENOPTS="--recentgifs --subpagecolumns=2 --docurl=
https://wiki.ourserver.nl/syntax/index.php/ServerInformatie:%s --rss
--rsslimit=yellow --rssversion=2.0"     # Standard options for bbgen.

   - Below the screen that shows the Priority 2 call. The link shows the
   Info-text instead of the expected wiki-docs that does show in normal
   operation. Not on this screen:

 *disk* <https://monxy.leidenuniv.nl/xymon-cgi/hobbitcolumn.sh?disk>
PRIO 2host (BSO-8x5 - Backup

And when I click the smiley, you get this screen... The Host info shows
again the info-text. The Host-docs gives the same screen; it links to

PriorityResolver groupDocumentation2bvs_unixHost info
Host docs<https://xymon.ourserver.nl/xymon-cgi/bb-hostsvc.sh?HOST=hostname&SERVICE=disk&NKPRIO=2&NKTTGROUP=bvs%5funix&NKTTEXTRA=>
    Host-ack              30 minutes          1 hour          2 hours
    3 hours          6 hours          12 hours          24 hours          2
days          3 days          4 days          5 days          1 week
 4 weeks

>From the man-pages:

"The detailed status view

When looking at the status of one of the items shown on the Critical Systems
view, a number of additional items show up. On the example Critical Systems
view above, you will notice that the instructions we entered about what to
do with the disk status is shown here, so they are available to the
operators. There are links to the host documentation and host information. "
So is there something I understand wrong and does it work as expected? Or is
this something else?

Any help much appreciated,

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