[Xymon] Bug with Xymon Client Data Parsing?

Taylor Lewick tlewick at tradebotsystems.com
Tue Jul 26 15:32:57 CEST 2011

I posted a related message a couple weeks back.  We continue to see periodic issues with hobbit tests having a problem parsing certain strings.  I don't know if its happening on only things we've setup a regex to look for, or if those are just the ones we notice. I suspect both, as sometimes the client data received via the xymon server is garbled, and sometimes its clean.

I've seen this in the following tests:  disk  cpu   procs

See below for an example of garbled data


368 tr]debot 21:27:22 S  19  0.0 00:00:00  0.

  5424  24]

6 -bash]

However, when I click on the client data link on the webpage, to see what xymon is parsing, I  see the following:

9375 tradebot  20   0 24556 5424 1720 S    0  0.0   0:00.17 bash

So I've seen scenarios where the client data looks ok, as in above, and when the client data looks garbled.

When last I posted, the suggested fixes involved increasing the values of MAXLINE, MAXMSG_STATUS, MAXMSG_CLIENT, and MAXMSG_DATA in hobbitserver.cfg, but I had already increased those much beyond the defaults due to previous truncation issues.  We've got a few clients sending some very long PROCS and CPU messages.

The xymon logs don't show anything.  We are running Xymon 4.3.0-0.beta2

Is this a known bug with regex parsing?

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